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Our goal is to honor our guests with a first class event that gives them an evening to remember. Guest enjoy their experience along with their peers in a protected, safe, controlled and comfortable environment. The JOYPROM experience empowers guests to be confident, fosters inclusion, builds self-esteem and inspires friendships.
JOYPROM creates an exclusive opportunity to promote the common good in society by uniting community and celebrating uniqueness. The universal thread tying everyone together is the fact that we are all more alike than different. This event promotes the JOY in selfless giving, breaks through any previous stereotypes or anxiety volunteers may have.

On the night of the prom the guests drive up to the curb where car doors are opened and volunteers provide assistance with unloading the guest while their parents/caregivers park the car. Then they are taken to be checked-in and receive their name tag. After this process it’s time for Glitz & Glamour. The ladies are escorted to an area where they are treated to makeup and hair touch ups and the men get their shoes shined. The women then receive a tiara and the men a boutonnière.


After each guest has experienced the Glitz & Glamour area they are loaded into to a limo that takes them to the Red Carpet! The guests then approach the red carpet entrance; with a crowd of paparazzi lining both sides, the Master of Ceremonies announces their arrival to the crowd who cheers, applauds and takes pictures as they make there way down the red carpet.


Once inside the guests are escorted to have their portrait made by professional photographer using a backdrop and props. Once all pictures are taken we have volunteers that head to CVS and Walgreens to get them developed.


After pictures have been taking it’s now time for dinner. Background music is played while guest are enjoying dinner. Depending on the guest’s needs, their caregiver can either leave the venue to enjoy an evening of respite, or they can stay on site and relax in the hospitality suite where they are treated to dinner. Some caregivers stay and dance with their child or sit and watch them have fun.


SharkFin Productions is the DJ for the event; it is a husband and wife team who make the night of dancing FUN! There are mandatory breaks throughout the evening for water and rest. As guests leave the prom, they are given a picture frame with their picture in it as their prom keepsake.


We commonly hear from our volunteers that JOYPROM is “nicer than my prom was by a long shot.” Our goal is to honor our guests with a wonderful evening that does indeed rival any other prom.


If you would like more information on how to volunteer for JOYPROM or know someone that could benefit from JOYPROM please contact Sherry Peele,

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