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Why Donate to Joyful Hearts


Joyful Hearts is a Movement with Momentum, Since our formation in 2013, Joyful Hearts and our army of volunteers, have accomplished amazing feats:

  • In 2013, we were able to serve over 700 honorees & thier guest at our JOYPROM, in 2014 we served 900

  • We fulfilled the complete wish lists of about 100 children/adults during Christmastime in 2013

  • We have also been able to host other activities and events like Ice Cream Social, Easter Egg Hunt, Health  & Safety Day, Fall Festival, Breakfast with Santa and much more.



What Will My Donation Do?
  • Provide Joyful Buckets and/or Baskets. These are provided for birthday's or during sickness. Encouragement and hope means a lot… More than words can express.

  • Give Teens/Adults the Chance to Attend the JOYPROM. This event shows the special needs community how special and valuable they are.

  • Coordinate Volunteer Teams to Serve Children and Families. Joyful Hearts maximizes the time, talents, and resources of individuals and groups in our community by plugging them into the areas of service where they can make a practical difference.

  • Make the Holidays a Time of Joy. The community comes together to make Easter, Christmas, and other special occasions for the whole family.

  • Give Student Mentors Opportunities for Leadership Development as They Serve Others. Teenagers have played a big role with Joyful Hearts, as they have brought ideas and energy to service and fundraising efforts on behalf of other teens and children in need.



Make a Difference!

You can make a difference in so many ways. Choose options that work for you:

  • Participate in a Fundraising Event

  • Become an Advocate of Joyful Hearts

  • Become a Corporate Sponsor

  • Donate Items on Our Wish List


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