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Faces of Joyful Hearts.....


Haily: "Joyful hearts means a lot to me. It means acceptance of everyone, regardless of what they're like. It means making new friends, and getting to see the smiles everyone has spread across their faces. It means inspiring others, and having a total blast while doing so. I love volunteering for Joyful Hearts, and I wouldn't trade the amazing experiences that I've had for the world. (:

Corporate Partner

“As an employee of Wells Fargo Bank we are encouraged to volunteer and always lend a helping hand in the community. I have a cousin and also a dear friend, that both have special needs. It was such a delight to learn about Joyful Hearts and volunteer my time to a cause that is close to my heart. I was able gather some of my co-workers and volunteer our time at the Annual Ice Cream Social in June. Once the evening came to a close, everyone told me what a fun and rewarding time they had.”




Eric and Penny:   “ Joy Prom is an event that our family enjoys being a part of.  As a parent, it’s rewarding to be able to see Payton be able to enjoy an event like prom.  At Joy Prom, nobody is judging and the attendees are  happy to see and dance with their friends who they know from other organizations and events, such as church groups and Special Olympics.  It’s a chance for these individuals to be themselves in a safe and fun environment.  And boy do they like to dance!  So many individuals and organizations made donations to make this event happen.  It truly is wonderful to see our communities pull together for this type of event.”



Payton:  “My favorite part about Joy Prom was getting to dance to my favorite One Direction song, and also that my big sister, Ashton,  was able to travel from Illinois to North Carolina to go with me.”


Ashton:  I enjoyed spending time with my sister, getting to meet some of her friends, and getting to know them for the fun loving dancing people they are!

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