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Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. Without them none of this would be possible.


As a largely volunteer-led organization, Joyful Hearts amassed a record number of volunteer service hours in 2013. With continued expansion across the region, it takes hundreds of volunteers every month to organize and deliver events & social activites of Joyful Hearts to our Special Needs community.


     Management & Lead Volunteers


Sherry Peele, Founder/ Executive Director               


          Lonnie Bateman, Community Service Coordinator/ Sr Information Specialist, UNCC


Nicole Framiglo, Marketing Coordinator/ Student UNCC, EC Major

        Kim Crowell, Secretary-Board of Directors/ School Teacher - Back Creek Christian Academy

Beverly Burton, Cabarrus County EC Bus Driver

Jeanna Willix, Managing Director at the YMCA

Sammy Buchanan, Security/Parking Manager for Events & Activities

Linda Forrest, Cabarrus County Teachers Aid







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