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What is your mission?


Inspire.Empower.Support....people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their family through social events and activities.

What types of volunteer opportunities are available? What is the time of commitment?


Our volunteers are called "Joyful Helpers". Some Joyful Helpers get involved with one or more of our annual events like JOYPROM, Easter Egg Hunt, Ice Cream Social, Health & Safety Day, Fall Festival, Christmas Party, Holiday Projects and fundraisers.


Those open to monthly volunteer time are put on a team to be notified of opportunities as they arise.

How can I donate? What types of items do you need?

Monetary donations allow us to meet the needs of our events/activities, however there are many other donations that are gratefully accepted and appreciated like supplies and the donation of your time!


  • We are need of gently used prom dresses, jewelry, shoes, handbags for the women attending JOYPROM, we also need ties, socks, dress shoes, belts, shirts, ties, pants, suits for the men attending JOYPROM

  • Auction items for fundraising events

  • Stay updated on urgent goods needed which we keep updated on our WishList





What is your biggest need?


As an organization, we can always use financial contributions to meet the needs of upcoming events. Beyond that, we need volunteer team members for practical services like seeking donations, donations of prom attire,  helping wrap Christmas gifts and delivering.


We also need team members to engage their social/business network to raise awareness of Joyful Hearts, what we do, who we serve and donation opportunities. You can stay updated on urgent goods needed which we keep updated on our Wishlist.


Whom do you serve?


Anyone of any age, gender, ethnicity or religious background. We believe that when a child/adult has special needs the entire family has special needs so we pull our resources together to help not only the child/adult with special needs but also parents and siblings of those families as well.

Can someone from Joyful Hearts come and speak to my business or community group?


Yes, please contact Founder Sherry Peele




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