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Mentor Program


High School/College Students can apply each year for a spot on The Joyful Hearts  Mentor Team. These special students serve on the board and receive special invitations throughout the year at various programs and events.


As a part of their commitment to their peers with special needs through Joyful hearts, the youth mentors will be required to host fundraisers and awareness campaigns to rally their communities.


These ideas include:

  • Car wash

  • Birthday Blessings (donations in lieu of gifts)

  • Prom Attire Drives

  • Babysitting

  • Toy Drives


Mentors will use these events to raise money for JOYPROM and for other activities and events throughout the year. A competition will be run between each Youth Mentor, the Mentor who raises the most money will be awarded at JOYPROM on stage.


Other Information:

Joyful Hearts is happy to provide letters of recommendation for students applying to college, noting their leadership role in our program.

If you, or a high school aged student you know, or a college student you know would make a great candidate for this exciting opportunity to have a great time showing care for their special needs peers please let us know.






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