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JOYPROM Kick-Off Party Fundraiser


We will be having a JOYPROM Kick-Off party in the fall/winter to learn more about JOYPROM. Tickets will be sold for this event which will include dinner, video presentation, silent auction, music & more.


We will provide an overview of the evening with a training session for all volunteers to see the flow of the evening, discuss responsibilities as a volunteer, and most importantly teach social awareness and promote compassionate sensitivity by recognizing the vaule in uniquenss.


Your time and talent is invaluable to Joyful Hearts. The contributions, energy, and consideration you afford Joyful Hearts no matter how big or how small, make a significant difference in the lives of families who have children/adults with special needs.


Without events like this, we would not be able to produce JOYPROM. Because of you, area teens and adults with special needs will have a night where they can focus on being treated like the rock stars that they truly are and enjoying the time of their lives!


We look forward to continuing to have support from you as we approach JOYPROM and beyond.

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