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Joyful Hearts was founded in 2013, it is a vibrant organization growing from JOYPROM- a single annual event that started in 2011, to events throughout the year. Joyful Hearts events engage participants of all ages and backgrounds.


At times, everyone needs some empowerment in their lives and Joyful Hearts is finding ways to improve the lives of people with disabilities and their families through a wide-spectrum of offerings and services. The goal of Joyful Hearts is to bring joy, recognition and support to children/adults with special needs and their families.


Joyful Hearts makes a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of children/adults with special needs and their families across our community. As a volunteer-led organization, individuals and groups dedicate time and resources all year long to ensure that Joyful Hearts events & social activities reach hundreds of local children/adults with special needs.


On behalf of all the children/adults with special needs and their families we serve, thank you for your interest in Joyful Hearts.


We look forward to your participation and support!

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